Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The revolving question.

9 o'clock already.
where did my morning go?
3 drop offs, 15 minutes of tears, 1 lost lunch
Where did my morning go?
No parking, morning meeting, giant coke
9 o'clock already
the bell rings
students rush in
no time to be, just time to think.
Think aloud, solve problems, change course
It's lunch, where did the morning go?
a little slower
more time to search our brains.
one great book
one new class
working, working, working
the nine o'clock Metra barges into my consciousness.
Is it 9 o'clock already?


  1. I think the word is 'swoop'. You wrote this like that, so fast, gushing. Sorry the day went so so quickly!

  2. Some days just do that to you! Nice fast paced, like the day.

  3. I like this! The beginning is so fast-paced and then lunch. The rhythm changed and so did your day. Thanks for sharing!