Monday, March 9, 2015

From a 4 year old's perspective

There are days that make me wonder what really goes through my children's minds throughout the day.  Today was one of those days, and I believe Lillian's take on the situation went like this:

Hmm, everyone is quiet.  What can I do to make everyone laugh? "Hey Makenzie you're a buttface." wait, here comes mom I better not laugh.  Mom sat down with us to do homework and I picked up the red marker to look busy.  She doesn't know that I am really just going to color the whole sheet red on purpose.  I hope she doesn't try to read the directions to me.

"Lillian, can you help me put dinner out."

"No." Last time I dropped 2 plates, that was not good. 

"Just the glasses, they are already to go!" Mom is not going to stop until I bring something over so I get up from the table and take the glasses one at a time.  Usually when I go one at a time Mom takes the last one because she moves so fast.

Everyone is sitting now, perfect time to start my dinner show. "Makenzie, why didn't you take tuna casserole? It's the best thing ever." Why isn't Makenzie paying attention to me? Time to bring out the big guns, if she isn't going to laugh at me I can make her mad.  I grab a handful and fling it across the table.  Bulls eye, tuna casserole right in her hair.  Makenzie IS NOT LAUGHING.

Oh no mom saw, hide, hide, hide, quick.  Maybe if I cry she will understand that I was just trying to get Makenzie to talk to me. 

My perception of the event is much different, but at least I can imagine what she might have been thinking. Every day is more exciting than the last, but the memories are worth the "moments".


  1. Fun slice! It's fun to imagine what children are thinking when they do the....childish things they do. You put a smile on my face!

  2. I love this exercise in considering possibilities. I especially like that you said you were at least imagining what she might have been thinking. This seems to be a good quality as a parent - trying to consider different ways of thinking and processing information in order to understand and appreciate.

  3. Oh, my goodness, you have an energetic four year old on your hands! Wow. Good that you were able to make space and 'walk in her shoes' a bit.