Monday, March 2, 2015

The Whistle

There are no reasons why whistling is my nemesis for today except that it was.  I spent the morning gearing up, making lists, getting things accomplished.  I am not a Monday person. Morning person yes, absolutely, hands down, 100% morning person. Monday on the other hand, not so much.  This Monday was different, everything was falling into place and I was knocking things off my list of things to do left and right.  When I heard it.

Whistling, a happy tune.
Down the hallway
Where was it coming from
No turning back...
I had to find it.

Oh...happy, chipper, kind you. That's where the whistling is coming from?

I can't explain what whistling does to me, every time without fail I see red.  In my personal life, in the classroom, everywhere.  The only times that I have ever enjoyed the sound is when it first pushed it's way through my children's lips. Then I went right back to hating it.

Today was different, today I believe I found the reason why it struck me as frustrating, annoying, inappropriate almost. How could someone be so happy in such a stressful time, a Monday.  I had to step back and gain perspective on what Monday's mean to everyone but me.  Monday is a day that brings a fresh start, not the pile or list of things to do.  It is a time that celebrates invention and ingenuity, not what you didn't get done last week.  Monday ushers in fresh perspectives and hopefulness about what can be accomplished, not what wasn't.

Maybe if I would allow the whistle in my life a bit more I might feel as carefree as he did this morning. Monday, whistling it is.

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  1. I love this post because it is a good reminder of the diversity in perspectives and in gut reactions to different scenarios. I can think of different emotions that come with hearing whistling and it's definitely not the same as yours. This highlights the power in sharing our stories, glimpses into our minds so that we can see different ways of thinking and reflect on our own thinking.